WV Neuropsychologists

Neuropsychological tests for traumatic brain injuries are a series of measures that identify cognitive impairment and functioning in individuals. The neuropsychological evaluation itself involves an interview and the administration of tests. The tests are typically pencil and paper type tests. Some tasks are completed by the patient with assistance from a technician. Other  tests require administration by a neuropsychologist or trained, skilled psychometrist. Duration of testing varies from 2-8 hours (on average). Testing can provide quantifiable data about the following aspects of cognition:

  • Reasoning and problem-solving ability   
  • Ability to understand and express language   
  • Working memory and attention   
  • Short-term and long-term memory   
  • Processing speed   
  • Visual-spatial organization   
  • Visual-motor coordination   
  • Planning, synthesizing, organizing abilities and executive functioning   
  • Personality/Mood/Behavioral aspects   
  • Other aspects as determined by need or based on referral for testing

Neuropsychological evaluations are one (set) of several tools used to help identify traumatic brain injuries along with relevant functioning capacities. Neuropsychological assessments are available to all clients of the program.

Other sites to review include:

Table of Neuropsychologists in WV

Name Location Phone
Steven G. Cody Ph.D. Clayman & Associates PLLC
1097 Fledderjohn Road
Suite 3
Charleston WV 25314
Jillian Keener, Psy. D. WVU Physicians of Charleston
Dept. of Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry
3200 MacCorkle Ave., SE
5th Floor
Charleston WV 25304
Michelle C. Hudson Psy.D.
J. Tyler Rosier, Psy. D.
Marshall Neurology
1600 Medical Center Drive, Suite B500
Huntington WV 25703
Steven Dreyer Ph.D. PsyCare, Inc.
312 Sixth Ave., Suite 2
So. Charleston WV 25303
Marc Haut Ph.D.
James Mahoneu Ph.D.
Liv Miller Psy.D.
David Scarisbrick, Ph.D.
Nicholas Jasinski, PsyD.
Cierra Keith Ph.D.
WVU Behavioral Medicine
930 Chestnut Ridge Road
Morgantown WV 26505
Martin Boone Ph.D.
Marissa Carey Ph.D.
Neuropsychology Group of WV
9000 Coombs Farm Road
Morgantown WV 26505
Jason Chong Psy.D. Tri-State Neuropsychological Consultants
1199 VanVoorhis Rd.
Morgantown, WV 26505
Joseph Kennell, Ph.D. Safe Harbor Mental Health
4138 Williams Hwy, State Route 14
Williamstown, WV 26187
Email: office@safeharborwv.com
Brian Shields, Ph.D
Kristen Whitmore, PsyD
University Behavioral Health & Psychiatry WVU Medicine
2004 Professional Ct.
Martinsburg WV 25401

61 Campus Drive
Martinsburg WV 25401
Krestin Radonovich, Ph.D. WVU Medicine Children's Neurodevelopmental Center
201 Bakers Ridge Road

*Note:  This list is a combined list from the West Virginia Board of Examiners of Psychologists and the APA Neuropsychologist Locator.